• Aikido Seishinkan Regina

Aikido Seishinkan Regina

Aikido Seishinkan is an Aikikai Aikido Dojo in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan.
We welcome anyone that has an open mind and wishes to learn to defend themselves when needed, and to become a more confident and calmer person.

We are now OPEN and located at 150-2410 Dewdney Ave – check our training times!

Self defence

Aikido is a martial art that teaches efficient ways to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. These techniques are carefully learned and perfected in training so that the movements they endorse become natural.


Aikido teaches you to always stand tall and move efficiently. Through that, it works as a way to avoid situations in which self defence techniques have to be applied.


Aikido teaches self defence against traditional weapons (swords, knives and wooden staff) that can be used for attacks with any kind of close combat.


Aikido trains you to become alert and to better observe what is happening around you while staying focused on your goal.

Ease of mind

Aikido helps you stay calm in alarming situations, on one side through teaching to exactly know what you are doing, on the other side through using breathing techniques.


Aikido promotes good breathing, which helps to stay calm and supports your technique.


The main goal of Aikido, however, is to avoid fights in the first place.